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Welcome to GAIEXPO 2019

Dear GAIEXPO visitors,
thanks you for choosing GAIEXPO -The worldwide Africa Tourism Expo in Tübingen, southwest Germany. GAIEXPO is first format and hosted in southwest Germany, We hope you shall find GAIEXPO a favorable time of your visit.

GAI-Exhibition: Exhibitors with Africa tourism products and services from the four corners of Africa and the world.

GAI-Forum: Forums with presentations, guess speakers, expert moderation, podiums talks and more..

GAI-Trainings: Expert Trainings on how to do Business with Germans for  Entrepreneurs and others…

GAI-B2B meetings with company visitation and others.

GAI-DAYCARE: Professional day care service for visitors

GAI-EVENTS: International Afrika Festival Tübingen

GAI-TOURING: Tour Tübingen & Tour southwest Germany Package for visitors

Huge Parking Lot

Bar Garden



Emergency Exits

Information Point

Business Lounge

Free Barrier Access

Tübingen is easy to reach by car or by public transport.

Reach GAIEXPO your destination quickly with public transport or by bike!

Everything you need to know about Tübingen’s green zones.

Find your suitable Accommodation in Tübingen and sorroundings