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GAIEXPO Venue & Facilities

We are located in Tübingen in the geographical center of southwest Germany.
Visit beautiful Tübingen and enjoy: www.tuebingen-info.de

Welcome to Tübingen, the beautiful university town in southwest Germany, your GAIEXPO city. The Tourist Information and Ticket-Center of Tübingen is at your disposal 325 days a year and has been distinguished as an “exemplary Tourist Information”

Find us here at Festplatz-Tübingen, GAIEXPO global village. Europa Str. 80, D-72070 Tübingen. Festplatz shares infrastructures with Tübingen city swimming pool, Paul Horn arena (Walter Tigers volley ball campus) & TSG soccer complex

From 5 star to simple world class standard private appartments and youth hostels. Book your hotel Accommodation now and benefit from discounts rates. IBIS Hotel, Hotel am Bad are closest Hotels at walking distance to Festplatz.

Huge Parking Lot


Emergency Exits

Business Lounge

Bar Garden


Information Point

Free Barrier Access

Welcome to southwest Germany.

SouthWest Germany’s vacation regions offer a wide variety. From the rolling mountains in the Black Forest and the calm beauty of Lake Constance to the Swabian Mountains, you’ll find glorious, pristine landscapes and special experiences.
Visit us and enjoy: www.tourism-bw.com