Our partners and goals:

We understand our projects as a contribution to international understanding, our association as a mediator and integration-promoter. To achieve this goal we cooperate with Diaspora associations and initiatives, church institutions in our region and Germany as a whole.

For our different projects we work together with the Eberhard-Karls-University in Tübingen, the chamber of commerce and industry (IHK), the institution of the tropics (Tropeninstitut), the youth-council of Tübingen and different schools and associations. With the help of cultural education and communication we want to support our citizens and particularly the younger generation in the region and we also want to motivate children and teenagers to actively shape our society.

The background:

The Neckar-Alb-Region increasingly stands out for its diverse living together in many aspects. Certainly there are families and people with experience in migration and different cultures. As actors in the public and in the educational sector they experience everyday how important it is in this context that we live in collective dialogue and that we learn from each other.

We want to strengthen exactly this exchange for a long-term.